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Ananda [ AKA – Howling Wolf ] shares the story of how raising MARLEY inspired the creation of Dogfish Co.

Welcome to Dogfish Co. and the Howling Wolf Blog 

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Why the pet industry

I have always had a unique relationship with my animal-companions. At the age of 9, I bonded with my dog Autumn by spending hours a day with him. I’d eat my cereal on the ground and lay watching cartoons with him. If he got up, I’d get up and follow him on all fours, under tables, behind the couch. It kinda freaked him out at first, but after a few times we began to truly understand and trust one another.

Teaching Old Tricks to a New Dog

20 years later, my wife at the time, and I decided to start our family by first getting a rescue puppy. And because I worked from home, I was able to create a special bond with our newest family member  Marley, a shepherd/lab mix.

Yes, I followed Marley around on all fours and played like a puppy with him. But I wanted to get more ideas. I decided to read up on raising a dog as a pack member and found some books that aligned with this idea of truly bonding and understanding his language and teaching him mine.

From creating a safe space by crate training, leaving one of my sleep shirts in his kennel so he could smell me when alone, even singing him to sleep. And when it came to play, I played like a puppy, dominating him by putting him on his back and biting his neck and putting his snout in my mouth, to letting him crawl on top of me and lick and nibble a little.

Because Marley was such an active puppy – and I had the time – I began inventing toys to give him ample exercise before taking him out on long runs. It’s probably safe to say he grew up a very happy, playful and well behaved pup, eager to learn. This would turn out huge once we had kids and I returned to the corporate world of IT. 

Why a business in the pet industry?

In the fall of 2018, and at the request of my 11 year old son – Makai,  I decided to bring one of the exercise toys to market. As I researched what it took to bring a product to market, I tapped into my marketing and advertising background, which guided me to establish a social media presence.

Jan 1st 2019, Makai said for his New Years Resolution he wanted to “Create the best life for Marley,” who now was 12 (84 in dog years) thus entering into his “golden years”. To hear this statement coming from an 11 year old reminded me that it was Marley who inspired me to go down this path in the first place. And right then and there I knew my mission was to not only create the best life for Marley, but share what we learned with other pet lovers.

Content is king

My career in I.T. has allowed me to hold various roles, from Graphic Designer, to User Experience Researcher, and even Videographer. All preparing me to take on the challenge of entering the social media marketing sphere. The amount of information one has to soak up and utilize to find success in this space can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of valuable info and recommended approaches to be learned.

One such approach was this: Instead of simply posting pictures of Marley on Instagram expecting to build a following, I decided to follow the rule that Content Is King. Dogfish Co. therefore has me committed to researching best practices and writing about our journey to “Create the Best Life for Pets” starting of course with Marley – the star of the show.

While this is a labor of love, we (Makai and I – he’s my silent business partner) will be having fun creating video’s, researching and sampling products, with the hopes that you’ll gain something from and become a frequent visitor and possibly a contributor. 

Some topics include:

  • Veterinary Tips
  • Elderly pet care
  • Grooming
  • Product reviews
  • Nutritional recommendations & supplements
  • And ideas from readers like you

Thanks for visiting,
Howling Wolf

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